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Hadjadji17th July 2016
Hello dear Mrs/Sir

We are an Algerian company specialized in the production of various industrial activities.
We are interested in buying a activated carbon production line, based wood charcoal.
The implementation of activated carbon will be primarily for the treatment and purification of water.
We are studying this project for a year and looking for a supplier of equipment for key activated carbon plant in hand.
Here are the specifications of our request for the project :
Title: charcoal production line
Capacity: 5 tons of finished product in 24 hours
Raw material: wood charcoal
Project Background :
1) Raw material: wood charcoal
2) Input size: charcoal granulars
3) Output size: customized
4) Capacity: 3.5-5 tones with idione number> 800mg / g
Equipment line needed:
Charcoal-based Activated Carbon Plant Equipment :
1- Activation process :

Activation Rotary Kiln
Gas & Smoke burn furnace
Powder collector
Bag filte
Boiler Barrel
Boiler water processing
Bucket elevator
Finished silo
Working platform
Bucket elevator
Carbonation material hopper
Refortoary Materials
Electrol control cabinet
2 -High pressure mill grinding & packing process:
Bucket elevator
Square hopper
Grinding mill hand unit
Pipes, powder collector, cotton bags, etc.
Bag filter.
Electrical control system
Spare parts (Including rollers, ring, scrapers)
Vacuum valve-type powder packing Machine
Specification TECHNICAL wish the finished product:
Specifications :
particles smaller than 150 microns% 99 minimum
particles smaller than 75 microns,% least 95
particles smaller than 45 microns,% 90 maximum
Iodine value (mg / g) minimum 1000
Adsorption Surface area (m2 / g) minimum 1000
Humidity (conditioning),% 8 maximum
Methyl Blue (mg / g) 135-210
bulk density (kg / l) 0.40
Total ash% smaller than 5%
Average diameter d50 (microns) 15
Hardness (%) Greater Than 94%
Please be kind enough to give us a complete and detailed offer for activated carbon production line with the specification requested
We remain at your disposal for any questions.
Please to confirm that you have received the email.
Hoping for a quick response from you, best regards
Hadajdji Khalil
Habib29th June 2016
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am interested in your products.
Please send me EURO pellets production line price list and technical information. Our raw material is almond shell(about 4000 tonne per year).

Svetlana23rd May 2016
Good day!
Could you send the price-list of mixer for rubber crumb?

Thank you in advance!
Genaro Pantig27th April 2016

We are interested in investing in an Activated Carbon Plant to be installed in Mindanao, Philippines were coconut shell raw materials are abundant. We are thinking of 300 Metric Tons per month input capacity mainly in raw coconut shell, but may also process waste wood or wood charcoal.

Can you proposed a turn-key plant complete with steam boiler (waste wood and coco husk burning furnace), size reduction or grinding equipment, carbonization, steam activation (horizontal rotary kiln or multiple hearth furnace vertical activator), cooling, conveying equipment, size separation, dust collection, and finished product bagging facilities, including laboratory test equipment.

Available electric power in 440/220 volts, 3-phase, 60 cycles.

We hope to hear from you soonest. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.


Genaro Pantig
essam abusinaina12th July 2014
dear sir
we want to establishing a new production line of a ACTIVATED CARBON
at Saudi Arabia aldammam
can you supply me by the all details of your equipment's ? please making for me complete professional production line(all prices ).
I need immediately two production line with capacity 5000 ton per year for each line.
one line for sawdust as base raw material & another one for date palm front as base raw material.

can you provide me by the complete professional production plant?
can you make turnkey?
how many the complete cost ?
waiting you
eng : essam abusinaina
Ganesan Ramanathan29th June 2014
I have developed a technology to produce 5% acetic acid from the saw dust based first carbonisation.
I have developed a equipment for 1st carbanisation
which will tap the acetic acid from phosphoric acid food grade carbon .we can call it as wood vinegar contains 5%acetic acid used as organic fertilizer for paddy and vegetables
Please contact for technology and manufacturing drawing.
Emannuel Aaron15th March 2013
Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms,

I interest to produce carbon active, cause in Indonesia we have a lot of Coconut shell and we have been offered of carbon made from waste tire.
We would like to see opportunity to change it become carbon active.
Could you guide us the possibility to produce it with our material?
Actually our knowledge about these is Zero. So I,m highly appriciated if you could help us.
Maybe from finance point of view is interest to see.

Thx and waiting for your information.

Best regards,
E. Aaron

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