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Shivayogi B G16th August 2012

I am looking for machinery to manufacture "Activated Carbon" from "Coconut shell charcoal". Please quote me the cost of the machines for the capacity of both 1 and 2 tonne per day.
Please also solve my querry that I heard We can only make 1 tonne of Activated carbon granuels from 3 tonne of coconut shell charcoal. Then the rest of 2 tonne of coconut charcoal would remain as waste during the manufacturing of Activated carbon from coconut charcoal,is that true?and even I heard Dust during manufacturing can also be sold at a reasonable price.


Sahil Mehta29th July 2012
We are looking for machinery to activate carbon that is derived from tire pyrolysis.Plz try to send a prompt reply.

Don kato17th June 2012
It is indeed with great plesure that I write you.I am the representative of a local charcoal producing industry in Nigeria which seeking to expand in the production of charcoal and charcoal related products.thus I write in order to enquire:
1.the various techniques and the most effective technique for 'activated' charcoal production.
2.the machineries used for production of activated charcoal.
3.the individual cost of the machineries listed above.
4.proper recommendations.
5.finally,the estimated overall cost of setting up an activated charcoal factory.
PS:my company is willing to pay any amount that may be charged for certain information provided.Also it has(if possible) agreed to purchase all equipment,procedures and machineries from a minimal number of firm I.e we could buy everything about the subject matter from you.Hence,I really hope to hear from in the shortest time possible.thank you.
Avinash24th May 2012
We are looking for machinery to activate carbon that is derived from tire pyrolysis
Peter Skinner10th May 2012
I am trying to get information and pricing on machines that can produce 4 to 6 tonnes of Activated Charcoal per day, or the smallest systems that you have.
please communicate via me above email addresss.
Kind regards
Peter Skinner
Dr Nguyen Van Trung13th April 2012
Dr Nguyen Van Trung 13th April 2012
We are going to establish a new plant. We need price list of Activated carbon production Equipment.
Do you deliver it to Vietnam and what about training and warranty.
Please, provide me with the required equipments to start this project and Equipment price list.
Best Regards,
Dr Nguyen Van Trung
Becamex IDC Cổpration
Fabiyi Mustapha6th April 2012
Pls,I need to know the cost of the full set ofindividual machine needed for the production line.my organization is interested.


Fabiyi Mustapha O.

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