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Kartik Gupta30th May 2010
Universal Carbons is the leading producer of powdered activated carbon in India.

We require

1) Dryer-500 kgs per hour to dry 40 % moisture activated carbon
2) Activated Carbon Raw Material Feeding machines
3) Activated Carbon Activation Kilns
Kartik Gupta
Universal Carbons (India)
robin furby21st May 2010
Do you have anyone in the united kingdom that has you coal dust recycling equipment? What is the price of the 3 tonne a shift equipment? I hope to hear from yoy
Robin Furby
kwadwo afari11th May 2010
We are trying to sep a particle board production in Ghana.
Please send me the complete list plant, price indication, for a 10,000cu metre plant, flow chart of the production process
Thank you.
It is ugent
Rakesh Verma29th January 2010
Hello we are intersted in step up a factory of Particles board production unit so please give me information of your product email me as soon as possible we want to discuss further for it.
with regards
Rakesh Verma
Aleksandar Popovic3rd January 2010
I need a quotation for an entire LU АS-4-7000 EURO pellets production line

Price to include freight and installation to Serbia, Europe
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Robert Willis12th August 2009
I am interested in more information and prices on the following machinery:
LU SH-Y Dryer
Crusher, planers Logs-to-pulp chips processing machinery
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Mr. Alisher Abdurahmanov4th August 2009
I am interested in your LU-QTJ 8 – AS 15 Hydraulic press. Can you send the price information of this press. The size of producted brick should be 250x125x65. Can we have this kind of press. And please send the price information. Thank you.
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