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Abdumalik6th December 2017
I hope you are all doing well!We are working UZGTL company in UZBEKISTAN.Our plant have excess energy (water vapor and nitrogen)to use it more efficiently productivity 5000 tons/y Activated carbon from coal.I need your offer of active carbon. please give me all details you have about (Good offer and price list of nesessary equipments for excess energy). Please send me answer soon.Thanks beforehand.
best regards
Lubasi Yuyi30th August 2017
I would like to have a quote for treating 15 tons per day of raw organic feed of peels to make activated charcoal.
FREDUA OFORI-ATTA22nd August 2017
I'm interested in your activated carbon production line (complete) with price and technical details.The feedstock is coconut and palm kernel shells,and bamboo.
Please can you also quote for a turnkey production line option; i.e. installation and test run cost.
Kind regards
mehdi hoghoughi29th May 2017
I'm looking for the best activated carbon producing line.
of you could help me pls contact me by Email..
cha3rd December 2016
Dear Sir,
We are thai activated production company. We are in the middle of setting up the new factory for making the activated carbon sized 4/30 mm. The raw material is chachoal from Melaleuca cajuputi wood. We are interested on your product could you provide us the detail of your product and price. Below are our minimum requirement.
1 3 ton/hy rotary kiln – Temperature 950-1300 C
2. 1 ton/hr rotary klin– Temperature 950-1300 C
3 500 kg/hy rorary kiln– Temperature 950-1300 C
4, steam boiler for rotary kiln- Fuel is wood chip.
5 hammer mills -2 set.
Hadjadji17th July 2016
Hello dear Mrs/Sir

We are an Algerian company specialized in the production of various industrial activities.

We are interested in buying a activated carbon production line, based wood charcoal.

The implementation of activated carbon will be primarily for the treatment and purification of water.

We are studying this project for a year and looking for a supplier of equipment for key activated carbon plant in hand.

Here are the specifications of our request for the project :

Title: charcoal production line
Capacity: 5 tons of finished product in 24 hours
Raw material: wood charcoal

Project Background :

1) Raw material: wood charcoal
2) Input size: charcoal granulars
3) Output size: customized
4) Capacity: 3.5-5 tones with idione number> 800mg / g

Equipment line needed:

Charcoal-based Activated Carbon Plant Equipment :

1- Activation process :

Activation Rotary Kiln
Gas & Smoke burn furnace
Powder collector
Bag filte
Boiler Barrel
Boiler water processing
Bucket elevator
Finished silo
Working platform
Bucket elevator
Carbonation material hopper
Refortoary Materials
Electrol control cabinet

2 -High pressure mill grinding & packing process:

Bucket elevator
Square hopper
Grinding mill hand unit
Pipes, powder collector, cotton bags, etc.
Bag filter.
Electrical control system
Spare parts (Including rollers, ring, scrapers)
Vacuum valve-type powder packing Machine

Specification TECHNICAL wish the finished product:

Specifications :

particles smaller than 150 microns% 99 minimum

particles smaller than 75 microns,% least 95

particles smaller than 45 microns,% 90 maximum

Iodine value (mg / g) minimum 1000

Adsorption Surface area (m2 / g) minimum 1000

Humidity (conditioning),% 8 maximum

Methyl Blue (mg / g) 135-210


bulk density (kg / l) 0.40

Total ash% smaller than 5%

Average diameter d50 (microns) 15

Hardness (%) Greater Than 94%

Please be kind enough to give us a complete and detailed offer for activated carbon production line with the specification requested

We remain at your disposal for any questions.

Please to confirm that you have received the email.

Hoping for a quick response from you, best regards
Hadajdji Khalil
Habib29th June 2016
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am interested in your products.
Please send me EURO pellets production line price list and technical information. Our raw material is almond shell(about 4000 tonne per year).


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