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Ganesan Ramanathan29th June 2014
I have developed a technology to produce 5% acetic acid from the saw dust based first carbonisation.
I have developed a equipment for 1st carbanisation
which will tap the acetic acid from phosphoric acid food grade carbon .we can call it as wood vinegar contains 5%acetic acid used as organic fertilizer for paddy and vegetables
Please contact for technology and manufacturing drawing.
Emannuel Aaron15th March 2013
Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms,

I interest to produce carbon active, cause in Indonesia we have a lot of Coconut shell and we have been offered of carbon made from waste tire.
We would like to see opportunity to change it become carbon active.
Could you guide us the possibility to produce it with our material?
Actually our knowledge about these is Zero. So I,m highly appriciated if you could help us.
Maybe from finance point of view is interest to see.

Thx and waiting for your information.

Best regards,
E. Aaron
Umar9th March 2013
Dear sir
I want a multi roll pre press machine for 4'x8' particleboard, so mail me complete information about my inquiry.
Michael5th March 2013
Please we would want to know the price of an Activated Carbon Production Equipment for the production of activated carbon from coconut. Pls. send quotes, catalog and specifications.

Thank you.
scott behrens17th February 2013
We would like to inquire about information and pricing regarding steam activation equipment for processing wood char in the range of small capacities for demonstration up to 750-lbs per hour

Thank you
walid16th February 2013
we want to know price of production line for particleboard 5000 m3 and 10000 m3
also i want to see video for production line
or photos of machines
Dr Sandeep Singh5th February 2013
Hi we are manufacturing  carbon char from tyre pyrolysis. We need activated carbon manufacturing equipment for 4 ton /day capacity.pls send quote, catalogue and capex

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