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Nguyen Chi Dung25th January 2013
Dear Sir Or Madam

I demand LU-5000 XS-1 activation stove.production of activated carbon from coconut shells.Please send me information about LU-5000 XS-1 activation stove, catalogs, specifications, quotes ...
Ihab Tag22nd January 2013
I'm interested in the activated carbon plant you described here, just want to know how much will it cost for production and installation?.

Oluwayemiro Medaiyese27th December 2012
Good Day, Please I'ld like to have an idea of the cost of the equipments for the production of activated carbon. Thanks.
Azubike Ononye27th November 2012
I want to find out what size of MFB board is produced.
RAMANA KAPARAJU26th November 2012
please let us know can u supply 2 to 3 tons activated carbon production plant and mahinery,for us what will be the cost pls let us know in full details.
nilesh23rd November 2012
we are looking for activated carbon plant 2 tone per day with pellet binding machinery. please send me deatils on my mail.
with regards,
Rohit9th November 2012
I am trying to get information and pricing on machines that can produce 1 to 2 tonnes of Activated Charcoal(wood charcoal Steam fired) per day, or the smallest systems that you have.
please communicate to me through above email addresss.
Kind regards

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