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RAMANA KAPARAJU26th November 2012
please let us know can u supply 2 to 3 tons activated carbon production plant and mahinery,for us what will be the cost pls let us know in full details.
nilesh23rd November 2012
we are looking for activated carbon plant 2 tone per day with pellet binding machinery. please send me deatils on my mail.
with regards,
Rohit9th November 2012
I am trying to get information and pricing on machines that can produce 1 to 2 tonnes of Activated Charcoal(wood charcoal Steam fired) per day, or the smallest systems that you have.
please communicate to me through above email addresss.
Kind regards
Celal Öğütoğulları7th November 2012
I am interesting activated carbon production please contact with me for talk deals

Skype norm.celal
QQ :2410436372
Don kato7th September 2012
Good day sir,I had written a couple of months ago,with full interest in your equipment but due to certain circumstances I could't follow up.I do sincerely appologise.
Please if you feel comfortable enough to ensure this transaction takes place,reply this e-mail so I could send you a specific list of the equipments we will be needing.
Thank you
Shivayogi B G16th August 2012

I am looking for machinery to manufacture "Activated Carbon" from "Coconut shell charcoal". Please quote me the cost of the machines for the capacity of both 1 and 2 tonne per day.
Please also solve my querry that I heard We can only make 1 tonne of Activated carbon granuels from 3 tonne of coconut shell charcoal. Then the rest of 2 tonne of coconut charcoal would remain as waste during the manufacturing of Activated carbon from coconut charcoal,is that true?and even I heard Dust during manufacturing can also be sold at a reasonable price.


Sahil Mehta29th July 2012
We are looking for machinery to activate carbon that is derived from tire pyrolysis.Plz try to send a prompt reply.


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