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Jesse Robles29th September 2011
Hi Im Jesse Robles President of Carbon Supply Inc, Im in the search for for Carbon Reactivation equipment,that can handle up to 3000 MT per year, can you supply this?

Ne Moe22nd August 2011
Dear Sir,

We're very interesting your product "Particle board production line" 10000 to 50000m3/year. So let us know about price based on CIF Yangon, Myanmar or FOB China. And we've no experience on that sort of factory. That's why could you provide related information such as minimum area requirement, types and specification of raw, etc...?


Best Regards,

Sanjay Gupta20th August 2011
Dear Sir, 20th August 2011
I have a Carbon black pyrolysis machine here in India and I am very much interested in processing the carbon black so extracted into activated carbon. I require a machine /s for the same.

Kindly contact for further deliberations.

Best regards,

Sanjay Gupta

Jai Shri Shyam Enterprises


Ahadjon19th August 2011
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am interested in your technology to produce clay bricks. I am planning to
buy full automated brick making machines from Chinese suppliers. Here are
the requirements for brick making machines for our company.
1. Brick size 250:120:65
2. Daily output 30 000 - 50 000 pieces of bricks
3. Type of energy used in the kiln is natural gas (methane).
4. Type of raw material used for brick is clay (soil).
5. Automated tunnel kiln.
Can you please send me info about your machines which can meet above
criteria? If possible, can you please provide price of machineries, photos and video materials of
brick making process using your technologies? Especially, video of brick firing process, or tunnel kiln process.
Thank you for your consideration and response beforehand.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Ahadjon Ismatov
Piyush Agarwal3rd August 2011
Please provide the cost of Activated carbon production line equipment. Give the figure in USD/Indian rupee.
Samuel Nnozirim29th July 2011
I am interested in making activated carbon granules from nut shells (fruit stones), I need a quotation on the equipment to start and finish the production.

Best rgards.
Samuel Nnozirim29th July 2011
Hi There,
I am interested i making activated carbon
straight from nut shells in my rural village in Nigeria.

Please quote me on one complete line of activated carbon production equipment.

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