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LU АS-2-1600 EURO pellet production line. Productivity 1600 tons/year

1. Parts and general information

LU АS- 2-1600 (EURO), mini plant, equipped with all necessary machine can operate using both dry and wet raw materials and is environmental-friendly

Purpose and productivity
The manufacturing line is intended for production of no less than 1600 tons of europellets Observance of process discipline provides the conformity to European standards
By the customer’s order we can produce hexagonal or octahedron Euro-pellets.
Crossing 50 mm, smoke-deflecting channel (diameter 15 mm), the length 450, 600, 750 mm, by the customer’s order.
Heat-emission of the pellets doesn’t depend on our machines, it totally depends on process discipline and raw materials’ characteristics. As a rule it is no less then 5000 kcal

Production technology doesn’t include adding of viscous additives to euro-pellets
The assembly of the line allows to increase its productivity by additional purchasing of some machines and their connection to the existing production cycle.

Raw materials
Annual production of 1600 tons of euro-pellets requires 2 000 -2200m3 of initial raw materials  .
Raw materials consumption depends on moisture and dust contents
The water is removed by drying and raw materials lose up to 50% of its weight.
Transportation, drying and briquetting cause the dust burning out.
The losses are 15% and 3-4% at processing of peat and wood chips, respectively. .
Bark, thin twigs, wood chips, saw dust, shavings, cotton stalks, corn, soy, canes, sun-flower stalks, hay, straw, cotton cake, cereal husk, sun-flower seed husks, etc serve as raw materials If you wish to use as raw materials the whole log wood, used furniture, the wood that remained after demolition and reconstruction of houses instead of agricultural and woodworking wastes, it will be necessary to complete the production line with two additional units. Mixing of two different organic substances (rice husks and natural sawdust, straw and corn stalks) doesn’t worsen the quality of Euro-pellets

Personnel and operation mode
Productivity of the equipment is considered for 16 hrs/day, 260 days/year.
One shift- 5 persons.
The duration of the shift – 8 hrs.
As the degree of automation is rather high, no considerable loading operations are required, the functions of the personnel are limited to control of the machine operations and collection of the spilled raw materials, so women can constitute up to 50% of the personnel.

Production areas
According to design, it is necessary to have production facilities as follows.
Open ground – raw materials warehouse – 1000 m 2
Raw materials preparation shop – 20m х 10m = 200 m2
Raw materials drying shop -20m х 25m = 500m2
pellet forming, cooling and packing shop 25m х 10m = 250m2.
Warehouse 100 m2
Total: 1000 m2 of open ares 
550 m2 Indoor rooms
Outdoor location (sheltered) of raw materials preparation equipment is possible 

Production process
Raw materials supply- Conveyor - Cutting of bales (e.g. barrels of cereal straws, diameter up to 1500 mm)- conveyor- shredding of raw materials up to 0,4 -0,7 mm,- conveyor- separation into large, off-grade raw materials, to be broken further and grade raw materials - removal of metals - lifting conveyor - feeding to drying units – feeding to oven - drying coiled pipes - cyclone after dropping the moisture in raw materials to - 8%–conveyor - storage tank - feeding hose - mixing heating lignin formation - outer hardening – cutting by standards – cooling- packing .

The production line includes
1. Feeding conveyor – 1 unit
2. Vibrations sieve- 1 unit
3. Raw materials shredder-1
4.Magnet separator - 1unit.
5. Drying oven -1 unit
6. Drying coils 2 unist. 
7. Air pumps - 2  units. 
8. Cyclones 21 units.
9. Spiral conveyor 2 units
10.Euro-pellets forming extruders – 2 units
11. Cutting machine, 1 unit
12. Heat exchangers 2units  
13. Packing machines 1 unit.
14. Electric control board –1 unit.
15. Phytosanitary desinfection device 2 units
16. Compacting plant 2 units
17. Raw materials bags cutter - 1 unit

Power supply
Thermal excessive equipment
Fuel, consumption –20 kg/hr. (Sawdust, coal, gas, waste oil)
217 kW- installed power
Real consumption - 112 kW

Power consumption by unit

1.Raw materials bag cutter – -1 unit. х 3 kW. = 3 kW.
2.Belt conveyor- 2 units  х 4 kW = 8 kW
3.Planing cutter-1 unit х 130 kW =8 kW 
4. Vibration sieve - 1 unit х 4 kW. = 4 kW
5. Magnet separator - 1unit. х 2 kW. = 2 kW.
6.Spiral conveyor -3 units  х 5 kW. =15kW.
7.Air pumps -2 units x  3 kW = 6 kW. 
8. Cyclones 2 units х 4 kW. = 8 kW.
9. Euro-pellets forming extruders – 2 unit  х 16 kW = 32 kW
10. Cutting machine, 1 unit х 3 kW. =3 kW
11. Packing machines 1 unit. х 2 kW = 2 kW
12. Compacting plant 2 unitas х 1kW = 2kW
13. Phytosanitary desinfection device  –2units х 1kW= 1kW

There is no demand in China for Europellets, they are in Europe (25 000 000), and the demand is forecast to double in 5 years.
The price (at the beginning of 2009) -130-140 Euro/ton.
They are widely used for house heating, food preparation. They are burned in individual boilers of cottages, some big power stations also use pellets.
In Europe 75% europellets are processes into charcoal or coke.
The sizes are adjustable, usual length is 500 mm, diameter 50 mm, smoke deflector is mm.
Moisture content of raw materials is 30-40%, for 1 ton of finished europellets 1,4 tons of raw materials is required.
Calculation of raw materials demand for production of one ton of Europellets

Number Object Unit Quantity
1 Raw materials; wood Ton 1.4
2 Water Ton 0.1
3 Electricity kW 200
4 Design factory area m2 1500
5 Staff Persons 5
6 Annual wear of the equipment % 15
7 Equipment operation time before overhaul years 6
8 Burning time as regards black coal 3 / 1  

 Euro pellets (woody briquettes)

Special features and application
High calorie content, low gas emissions, smokeless, dustless/ Euro pellets are high-energy pure fuel.
Indices Euro-pellets or mechanically-made rods Mechanically made charcoal
Calorie content (ckal/kg) 3700-4590 7577-8589
Density (kg /m3) 1100-1300 900-1000
Ash contents (%) 0.7-20 <9
Permanent coal contents (%) - >85
Volatile contents (%) - <4.5
Water contents (%) <7 <4

2. Layout

Raw materials: Agricultural wastes and woodworking wastes
Operating area -65m x 20m = 1300 m2
Height - 5,5 m 


1. Bag-cutting saw
2. Belt conveyor
3. Raw materials shredder
4. Conveyor
5. Vibration screen
6. Magnetic separator
7. Conveyor
8. Double-headed drying complex
9.Conveyor - 2 units
10. Europellets extrusion machine -2 units
11. Heat exchangers - 2 units
12. Automatic cutter - 2 units
13. Packing machine
14. Control board
15. Raw materials, stalks, straw, brahcnes
16. Milled materials
17. Dried Raw materials
18. Final product