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Sludge drying

Name of equipment : LYU160L-6 sludge drying machine
Name of equipment - sludge drying
The production line includes :
Sludge drying machine
Belt conveyor for feeding raw materials  5000*400*350mm.
Belt conveyor for feeding raw maЛенточный транспортер подачи влажного сырья 6000*400*350 mm
Belt conveyor for dried materials for bruquetting 5000*400*350 mm
Thermal unit.
Time of manufacturing: 30 days.
The set excludes - all included
Main machine's specifications :
- volume of the shell : 16 m3;
- Speed of the shell - 5.8 rpm
- Gradient of the shell - : 3-5%
- power: 7.5 kW.
Total power: 14.5 kW
Weight: 10 т.
Height: 1.2 m.
Lenght: 16 m.
Diameter: 1.2 m.
Total wight:14 tons
Personnel : 3 persons.
Production area : 75 m2
Design productivity : 6 tons/hour.
Operating conditions. In the case of outdoor location, fuel expenses increase by 10%.
Transportation requires two 40 ft and one 20 ft. container
Main unit
Thermal unit
Products specification: Dry sludge, moisture less than  5%
Raw materials: coal sludge (moisture contents 50% and more  
Production technology: quantity of coal required for the stove's operation  – 1 tons/day (20 hr working day ).