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Photos of the equipment

Main machines and units 


2.Main  part of the press


4.Operating elements of the press

5.Receiving hopper of the press

6.Conveyor of  table-press

7.Hydraulic station of the press

8.Control board

9. Unloader in operation

10. Mounted unloader

11.Unloader's operating elements 

12.Unloading of bricks

13.Clay scarfer


15. Stone separator


17.Supports for conveyors

18.Belt conveyor

19.Two rolls attritor 

20.Attritor's hopper


22. Metering device

23. Feeding of raw materials from the metering device

24.Electronic metering device prior to shipping

25. Vertical bucket elevator

26. Preparation machine

27.Raw materials feeding mechanism 

28. Two-rolls mixer

29. Mixer

30. Press for breaking unburnt brick into wild stone

31.Pressure chamber

32. Drying chamber

33. Transportation of pressure chamber

34Wheeled trolleys

35.Trolley with brick

36.Turn cart with hook for traction device

37.Rails to pressure chamber

38. Turn mechanism and turn trolley

39.Rails to kiln 

40. Kilns

41. Doors

42. Little exhaust ventilator

43. Heatforcing tubes

44. High aluminous bricks

45. Control cabinet,  cementing glue

46.Hydraulic lift, 2 tons 

 Autoloader, 47.5 tons

48Feeding of inert materials

49.Press for breaking ceramic bricks

50. Press for wild stone. No breaking is used, the ceramic is pressed to burnt spot

51. Diesel autoloader of intert materials

Unburnt products

Pyramide bricks

Framed bricks

Brickwork - column's corner

Angular bricks

Framed bricks

Various bricks

Brick (Ash- 50%)

Green pyramide brick

Slab, wild stone

Brick (ash  50%)

Waveform brick

Sidewalk slabs

Green brick

Ledged brickwork

Waveform bricks

Ceramic  products

Wild stone-like ceramics

Ceramic paving tile

Ceramic strawbrick

Porous ceramic brick

Brickwork made of  ceramic strawbrick

Ceramics+ pigments

finishing ceramics

Pigmented ceramics

Jointed ceramics

Orange brick

Ruby brick

Ordinary red brick